B20B BAR question

I heard that because B18A’s are becoming hard to find for a replacement motor, California BAR is allowing B20B/B20Z’s as a replacement motor for our cars. Can someone verify this?

I have heard yes & I have heard no…

someone brought this up awhile back and it really depends on the ref station apparently.

That said we have plenty of members rocking b20s here in cali with no issues.

Yea, call the BAR/Ref in your area and ask them the deal. That’s the only 100% answer.

How bout this bar sticker. Looks like only the block can be used.

That is enough verification right there (01/30/2013). Thanks da9bigboi!! JDM B20?

Yeah, I plan on taking my car to bar a B20, if they say I can’t I’ll be showing them all these pictures of people who have.

If its bar-able Better hurry and buy a b20 at its low price before they really make em pricey.

Yeah, I know. I was talking to Steve from HMotorsonline the other day about it and he had one for a good price

I called Attarco a few months ago, they said $650 with a $35 core for a B20B.

about a year ago attarco was selling b20’s for $400…

HMotorsonline has them for $550

why even worry about it I had my b20 for 6 years smog the car 3 times no one ever look at my engine code…

You smogged it without having to do it illegal.

Yeah my buddy used to get his b20 da smoged down here in SoCal. The legal way too…

Wtf!!! I have a b20 in my DA, and I had to pay extra just to get a pass, I got the damn STAR certify… I was able to do a pre-test and it fail the guy told me a was running too rich :frowning:

Thread Revived. Any updates on this?? If not I will give them a call this week and find out for sure.

I have a bar b16 in my 90 gs. Bar. B20 should be easy.

The hard part about the B20 is that in California it is considered a truck motor since it is from a CR-V. The B16 is not considered a truck motor, hence can be BARed. Unless things have changed recently.

The struggle continues…http://www.smogcheck.ca.gov/80_BARResources/05_Legislative/RegulatoryActions/Smog%20Check%20Manual%20w-diesel%208-09%20V3.pdf This is a start and continues to be a work in progress.

Unless they have not updated that document since Aug of 09 I would not guide myself by it.