b20b build question

just looking for some insight about the build im thinking of taking on over the next couple months. currently i own a four door 1990 integra gs, its got a jdm b20b converted to obd1 running on a b18a pr4,fake j’s intake, nopi header, msd plug wires. it made 137whp and 127lbft of torque at jd racing and hit a 15.0 at 92mph and a 2.5 60 foot.since then ive added aem 3 bolt cam gears. my question is if i swap in a set of crower 403’s,rm springs and retainers, 2 layer head gasket,b20z 9.6:1 pistons, 22" slicks and a set of traction bars what should i expect for hp/torgue numbers and quarter mile times. sorry for the lengthy first post but i cant seem to find anyone running anything near this setup or with posted numbers. any links would help great as well. thanks


i also should have siad it had a xtd 8lb flywheel and pressure plate,stock clutch, and running the 1/4 on 16" konig quicks on kumho ecsta 711’s

wow nobody? i really feel the love

you might be looking at 14’s. You should get that biotch tuned and then see what happens. A friend of mine had a DC with a JDM B20b in it and it has cat back exhaust, intake with Skunk2 mani and a Apexi Neo tuned and he was making 145whp and like 130ft/lbs. You’re going to have more then him, so I would say get that shit tuned and look at the out come then.

you should be running high 14s with that but yeahh get it tune and get them cams.

If you are going to change pistons, you might want to consider going higher on the compression to take better advantage of the cams.