b20b idle problem

Just installed a b20b in my teg. I was impressed by the performance, but the idle was all over the place. From 2000 rpm-300rpm. It even felt like it was going to shut off. The only things I changed for the swap were; b16a1 injectors, b18b distributor. This was necessary to keep the obdo wiring. I changed the throttle body back to the b18 and noticed a good improvement, but lost all the power. I think it is a tps problem with the b20 throttle body, but i’m not sure. any help would be great.


Mine idles stupid too, put not that bad, you may want to edit your numbers on your post they are written wrong i think…

Mine idles all over the place between 700-1100


What #'s are you talking about?
are you using b20 throttle body or b18?
what ecu you using?
Which intake manifold?