b20b redline

ok, im planning on getting a b20 and completely building it up before i drop it in. what all would i have to do to have a reliable every day driver b20b that would redline at 8000 rpm. would the b20 have good power at 8000rpm if i did head work and raised the compression? and if i wanted it to redline at 8000 rpm should i set the rev limiter to 8200 or higher? im getting a ys1 tranny and want to get the most out of it.

For starters the cams only make power up to about 6000rpms. So you would at least need to upgrade your cams, the problem is finding nonvtec cams that make power that high. Then you need the usual springs and retainers. The crank needs to be balanced and you’l need new forged rods, blah blah blah. B20’s just weren’t meant to be revved that high. Be happy with all the torque and don’t really try to go much higher than 7000rpms, just my advice.

Don’t worry too much about redline. Have it dyno tuned then decide where to have the redline/rev limiter/fuel cut off or whatever you call it. You will see from the graph where it stops making power and where you should shift. My .02 C