B20B swap, won't start...I searched!

1990 Integra LS
B20B/P8R head
stock header/exhaust
LS Intake manifold

When pulling the B18A the Oil Pressure sensor wire came out of the connector and i have not hooked that up yet. I have also not wired the Thermosensor. I don’t think either of those would prevent starting, but is that a possibility?

I am geting Fuel, spark, and obviously air. The car cranks like a champ but doesn’t start. I’m pretty sure timing is on point, but the chance i’m wrong is always viable. I have all three grounds hooked up.

I’m really posting to see if anyone knows of any small things that may have been overlooked during the swap that could prevent the engine to start and run.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

what year did you pull that b20b from?? is it obd1 obd2?? what about your car?

if all the same then i would plug in the sensors back in. make sure your distributor cap is in proper firing order. if that checks out, make sure you have fuel in the car, check your belt make sure its not tooo tight, b/c that happened to me, the belt needs to have just a bit of slack since the head is made of aluminum.

Check your timing belt for sure, don’t want any damage. Yeah check to see your OBD’s stuff. And the thermosistor won’t prevent it from starting but I don’t know about the oil pressure sensor if that would or not.

Well, the car is OBD0 and the engine is a 97, so it’s OBD2. I’ll check about the timing belt, but I’m pretty sure the tension is fine. Anything else?

Have you cheked for compression???

wel did you get the right obd staff since their diffrent?

I haven’t yet…what numbers should I look for and if it’s low, does that mean my Timing belt is toast?

What do you mean right OBD stuff? I’m using the stock LS intake manifold, so I don’t need to worry about that stuff. The only difference is the thermosensor is located in different locations and uses different plugs, so there is a wire up that need to be made. It shouldn’t keep the car from starting, though…just the fan from coming on at a certain temperature.

the numbers of the b18A1 is somewhere between 160-180.
so look for those numbers when doing a compression test

its best to do a cylinder leakage test b/c it can be done on an engine thats cold.

[QUOTE=isaac-ice;1855920]the numbers of the b18A1 is somewhere between 160-180.
so look for those numbers when doing a compression test

its best to do a cylinder leakage test b/c it can be done on an engine thats cold.[/QUOTE]

Ok, so let’s say the numbers are all in the range…what then?

then you have good compression. then theres nothing to see with compression. check your ignition coil, see if it still works.(its inside of the distributor cap)
make sure your spark plug wires still have continuity(ohms check w/ a digital multimeter)

i would also want to check to make sure your True Top Dead Center(TTDC) is correct. that is when you pull the pulley off, its on the block, you’ll see an arrow, make sure thats correct. make sure you have the right firing order too!

yea make sure u double check those wires on the distributor and to which cylinder they lead to. i’m currently dropping a b20b (with 0 miles on it). its soo freaking clean and shiney.

oh but also check ur fuses and relays tho. might be possible that u overlooked something. just do a systematic check. good luck tho, and hope u get it running.

how did u get b20b with 0 miles?? Rebuild or completely brand new?

When u put in the ls distributor make sure u didnt put it in the keyway 180 degrees off.The mark on the §§§§§ and the one on the cam should line up.Yea and make sure cam timing is correct as well.Bent valves are not good!Thats about all it could be if you have fuel and spark.Double check all your wiring connections for good measure.

Oh yea and like issac stated before double and triple check the firing order on the distributor.When I did my b20 swap that was the one thing that I had wrong.I had the haynes manual, but the illustration is awful so all the wires were in the wrong order.

Is it possible to have the distributor 180 degrees off? I thought it was off center so you couldn’t do that?

i just COMPLETELY finished my brand new b20b swap today… and yes i know for a fact that the distributor cannot be put in 180 degrees off, cuz i tried just in case to see if it would at least mount up flush against the head. and it wouldn’t, it would only get 1 side in but not the other.

Grounds are important too.


Maybe but when I did my swap I forgot the tranny ground and it wouldn’t start. Could have been coincadence, but that’s all I changed before it started.