B20V on E85

Currently in the process of doing a B20 vtec swap on my 90’ DA. Eventually i want to run e85 on it to get the most out of the build. If anyone has done e85 on a DA and has some help let me know. What kind of kits are out there that are compatible with the car


What do you mean by “to get the most out of it” ?

Power wise

From what little I know about E85, the fuel efficiency is reduced. So you’re using more fuel in those “Flex Fuel” vehicles. So your fuel/air combustion ratio is different – more fuel needed to output the same power.

I did a quick internet search for that stoichiometric ratio (air/fuel):
Gasoline: 14.7:1
E85: 9.81:1

As for how this affects your oxygen sensor feedback to PGM-FI, compression ratio, fuel injectors, etc. I don’t know. Sounds like a cool project. :slight_smile: I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this though. Are you doing it for any particular reason? Is E85 cheaper? Are you trying to future-proof the car? Just curious.

E85 is best on turbo cars, I prefer 91 pump gas on my b20b. It’s not to hard to get it to run e85 though, basically just fuel pump, injectors, an lines pressure regulator and a tune

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