b20vtec help needed!!!!!!!!

i have a b20vtec installed in my DA right now…i was just looking at the motor setup and noticed that there are couple of sensors that have nothing connected to it…the first 1 is on the block right under the distributor…and there’s 1 behind the distirbutor…i use to have a jdm b16a swap in my DA and came across a b20vtec longblock so all the harness was from my previous swap…i also have a check engine light on my gauge cluster…could that be from the sensors that are not hooked up??? what should i do??? help pls…thanks!!! i’ll have pics of the unconnected sensors soon…thanks in advance…

one is a 1 wire connect and the other is a bigger 2 wire connect? there coolant temp sensors and will def throw a cel. your harness should have them on it. if not id replace the harness. i have a complete tec harness from batt to well everything. you live close to me if you want i can check it out and see whats up, im off the 10 off university. i beleave you said your by mt view or something like that. like 5 mins away.

91integra157 - when will be a good time for u??? what’s ur # so i can give u a call…thanks in advance!!!

my cell is 909-435-9504 just call me in advance and ill have time. i build motors out of my place so im home alot. just let me know when you want to check it out. do you know what cels your getting or do we need to check that also

are these the sensors, this is a ls the b16 are reversed but same sonsors.

91integra157 - thanks for the help…really appreciate it…

Yep, single wire should be Engine Coolant Temp Sensor
and double wire should be Engine Coolant Temp Switch for the fan operation.

hey no prob, hopefully your cell dont come back on, and if you need a hand with anything or cleaning up the engine bay just give me a call.

good looking out…thanks!!!

You’re missing a bolt out of your distributor.

im actually missing 2 one on the other side to. i didnt bother putting them in becuase i need to replace my distributer the bearing is making a grinding noise and should be seizing up soon, so im gettin a new one this week