B20Z flywheel shaving

it’s supposed to weight aprox 20 lbs, i have a b20z with crower 404 and bolt ons, how much should i make it shaved,

is 12 lbs to much shaved or ?

Give me your opinion

typically the concensus is that you can take a stock flywheel down to 13lbs safely. 11-12lbs can be done, but it might be risky. I’ve seen it done and havne’t had any first hand experiences w/ them failing…but i’ve been warned against it.

I had mine taken down to 13lbs and its fine. G2Guru has had his stock one taken down to 13lbs and has had it in his car for a long time, and with some very hefty power put to it w/o any problems.

that just cleared by doubts, i’m going to have it shaved to 13 lbs :wink:

Thanks guy