b20z map sensor swap

im swaping my map sensor from the original one on the firewall to the one on the thorottle body. there are 3 colors on the newer b20 plug red, green , and yellow. on the old plug I have green, red and yellow stripe, and white with red dots. it might seem obviouse but can anyone clear up what is what off hand, thanks.

You do NOT need to change the pinout to use an updated MAP sensor.

Your '92-93 Integra should plug straight into the new sensor. The wires may need to be extended though, but they are in the correct order already.

right on, I actualy already bought a new plug but I figured out that the wires are in the same order. so they connect in the same order from left to right. so the white with red dots goes to red and green, green and red goes to green and white and red and yellow goes to red and yellow. i was a little reluctant to guess but once i compared them it made sense. thanks for the info though im sure its gonna help people to come