b20z or b16a1???

ive thought about the pros and cons of each for a while now, but am wondering if i can get some feedback from other members on what they have thought of each

also… those of you with b20z’s; what have you paid for them and what has it included (tranny, ecu etc…)?
thanks guys

me and G2Guru put a b20 in my car this last weekend.

I like it, but it really depends on where and how you drive.

I personally will never take my car to drag race. I also live in the a really hilly area so torque is my friend.

If you live in a flat area and don’t have a bunch of hilly twisty roads then a b16 could be modded to be real hardcore.

I think the people who do b20s are into autocross and the people into b16 are into drag. Just a generalization, but it shows you the driving styles that are good for each engine.

As for my b20 its a JDM 97 I think from a CRV. I have heard thats a 9.2 comp engine, but I don’t know. With a b20 you are only going to get the long block. I think all b20s were matched with an auto so there is no point in getting the tranny. And the engine is so close to your b18a there is no need for a new ECU. Most places online charge $800-$900 but expect to pay $200-$300 for S&H. I actually paid $1200 for mine because I bought locally because I was in a hurry. It also came with the Intake man, exhaust man, and distributer. All of which I had no use for and will be putting on ebay in a couple of weeks.

Hope that helps.

Whats the most you think i should pay for just the b20 (block and head) if i want to rebuild it and put some HP into it? Thanx…

what would a stock b20z or b20b vs. a stock b16a1 pull in the quarter?

it wouldn’t be dragged, but more like a reliable, fun, fast daily driver

I’d say the most to pay for engine and shipping would be less than what I paid.

also, who on this board has gotten a b16 through member LL COOL B (babak)?

i got a B20B long block for 800 a couple years ago.

if you plan this as a step into modding it them get the B, it should be cheaper than a Z.
if you want to just drop an engine in and not touch it again, get the B16.

if you’re concerned with money and ease, i’d recommend the b20b longblock. bolts up to all your existing parts, even the transmission. I have the JDM one too, I got it from hondamotorsonline.com for about $850 shipped. Took a day to get to me. If you’re in a hurry, that’s pretty good time. We’ll see how it performs once i get it in tomorrow.

thanks blizzard
could you email me with more details once you get it in?