Back into another Integra :D

Sup guys, FNG here. Just recently traded my project H23A Accord to a buddy of mine for his '91 LS-Special. This is my first DA chassis. I had a DC chassis that I traded my Del Sol for but ran into legal entanglements with it so I got rid of it. Always been a fan of Integras so I am excited to get back into another. My buddy was building this to be a track car for his wife but with her due any day now, they needed a sedan so we went title for title with the cars. I have a friend on this site but not sure his screen name but he mentioned the '91 LS Special isn’t too common. Wasn’t really aware it was special. Here is a pic of how it sits for now. I just washed it. The paint isn’t as bad as it looks but it definitely needs to be painted.

First plans are to fix a few things on it like a leak I have at the corner of my windshield and a few things on the inside. I want to restore it before I start with a motor build. It’s current mods are 16" Rotas, FF coilovers, and Innovative 95A motor mounts. Once I get a few things fixed first, I will be doing a '92-'93 bumper swap, one piece headlamps, and get it painted.

A little bit about me: I am a medic here in the Atlanta area and love my job. I have two kids and a wonderful wife. She isn’t drastically supportive of my automotive habits but she stands by me.

nice, good luck with it and it looks like this car is in good hands.
as with all cars, treat it right and it’ll treat you right.


DA looks good, great platform to start with as well, has plenty of potential. Oh and welcome to the site

Thanks guys. It’s a blast to drive though. Once I get a few things replaced, it will be time to start a build. This car will eventually see track time.

welcome bacon. nice platform

Glad to see you made it to the site. Loads of resources, ideas, and help on here.

Thanks Sammich.

Daniel, there ya are. What’s good, man?