back window visor on my 91 integra 4 door

I’m selling gsr beige leathers only rear seat with center console I’m asking 175 or trade for a bike rack n I also have a set of head lamps I want 50 n I’m also selling rota slipstream with mickey Thompson slicks I only have 3 Rims I’m asking 200 firm . The Rims r clean with fare tires text me at 862-754-1726 . Thanks

yea man ive been wondering this since the day i had mine, ive been wanting one too but no one seems to know which one we can make fit…i hope someone tells u so i can get one too lol

cuz i found this one on ebay and it looks like its probably the closest thing since i dont think they make them for the accords our year either

Ok I will let u know I’m new at this site. So bare with ne lol… I’m gonna find out I’m gonna do my

Research I will b posting my 4 door da soon its very clean n slam with deep dish polish j mags

I found out that the one that fits, is not a perfect fit but is very close im ordering one tomorrow . U have to order it from a 98-02 honda accord back window visor

nice!! time for me to find one myself, i need to get the side visors first tho lol

I have for sale beige gsr leather only the back seat top an bottem with center console for 150 the leathers is very very clean no rips at all . Plus i have a set of headlights for a 90-93 da im asking 50 for both and i also selling 3 polish rota slipstream with 2 mickey thompson slicks 205/50r15 im asking 250 or will trade for a bike rack with all attachments.

Uh, make a For Sale ad in the proper place then?

I already have my side visor they kinda expensive but is a nice look over all is worth it lol…

Make a proper thread in the For Sale forum. Exterior assistance forum is NOT the place to sell your items.