Bad bearings, has anyone replaced Rear Hub Assembly?

My Teg currently sounds like a small jet because the bearings are so bad… I’m a photographer and have been lugging around a ton of weight in the back end, so it comes with no surprise.

First, I’ve got an extra car for parts, but can’t for the life of me get the rear hub assembly off. Has anyone changed theirs out? I have a Haynes manual and they suggest using a slide hammer to get it off, but of course i don’t have one. Any other way to get it off?

As an alternative, I’ve been looking for new ones to replace them. However most of the ones I’ve found online says they have an ABS ring installed. Would i still be able to use this on my non ABS Teg?

I had the same problem, i just removed the whole LCA , which is ALOT easier than the hub and replaced it.

Did mine last week, try a ball peen or dead blow hammer to knock them lose.

ive used a long big punch and hammer and hit from behind.

a slide hammer!?! you can rent it at a local parts store. it attaches to your lugs and you slide weight back and forth to pop off the hub. The ABS hub will fit on your non-ABS car. The only difference between the two is the ABS ring.

i removed the wheel, rotor, and just removed the retaining nut. like the front axle nut. the hub and bearing come off w/out need of a slide hammer. just slid the new one in and tightened the nut to spec. (i have abs) reassembled in reverse.

No need for a slide hammer. Remove the rotor, then the dust cap, unstake and remove the spindle nut, and it should slide right off. And yes the ABS hub will work just fine

I had a problem removing my rear hub assembly after removing the nut. What ended up happening was part of the bearing was fused/stuck to the spindle. I was assuming “djak” is having the same problem. I did both sides and I did not have a problem with the other side; slide right off like you guys had stated.

If you guys have to go through all that to remove that rear bearing then you guys must have a bigger problem. I’ve done countless of times on many Honda’s including Da’s and all I need is to remove the dust cover, remove the 32mm nut and the bearing and hub slide right off.

Drive a car in the Canadian climate and winter.
Nothing will ever just come off lol.