Bad Idle Need Help!!

My cars idle is bouncing up and down beetween 1 and 2K. when the car heats up and i turn the ac on the idle stays at 2k. When the car is cold the prblem is much worse…bounces beetween 2 and 3,5K-i need help!! the car is a B18c1 GSR …please help!!

thanks for all the help-(sarcastic) incase anyone else has this problem it is due to the IAC idle air control on the back of the intake manifold it is stuck open. peace

Did you fix the IAC or replace it? Please tell!

i havent had time to fix it yet… i took it to the local acura shop and they checked the computer and looked at it and said i should replace it…they wanted 80$ for the part and 180 installed which sounds WAY to high. This weekend im going to take it apart and see if i can fix it. it doesnt look that hard to take off. ill let oyu know what happens with it and if the problem goes away…

hope u kno u gotta take the tb off to do it right then use a drill to take the rivets off then find screws to put the new one in place

i think


The part that is riveted to the throttle body is the TPS throttle position sensor NOT the idle air controller.The IAC is bolted onto the back of the intake manifold.

Did you fix it yet?

i called acura and the part is 77$ and it takes 5 days to get it. im gunna take it apart later and see what i can do with it cause its making my car run liek ****. my car would peel out like nothing in first and second and now it feels like the clutch is slippin… i think its cause of this IAC though…ill lt u know when its fixed

Originally posted by concacg2teg
hope u kno u gotta take the tb off to do it right then use a drill to take the rivets off then find screws to put the new one in place

You are talking about the TPS. The IACV is held on with 3 12mm?? bolts and is easy to remove. Just be carefull when taking off the vac lines (it would be a good idea to replace them anyway).

Good luck.


btw… if you have the resources available, take some really nice closeups of the IACV once you have ripped it appart. Maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two.

Friend of mine had same prob. Not a B18C1, it was a 90 LS.
Anyway turned out to be the EACV. $$$$, those things aren’t too cheap.

do some easy things first:

replace wires
replace plugs
check your throttle body cable, that was my problem

reset your ECU

the throttle cable is behind the intake manifold

and looks like a cable, you can adjust it with the nuts on it. make it not too tight


I took off the idle air control…my car is a 94 GSR so i dunno if its the same but its similar to a g2…the 2 hoses connected to it flow enigine coolant not air. its easy to take off just 2 12 mm bolts and disconnect the elctrical plug and the 2 hoses…the new part from acura turned out to be 190$ not 77$ so im trying to get one from a junkyard cause im broke right now…ill let u know when i get the new part

can anyone help me?

My car idles weird after warming up. There is some wird noise coming from the distributor area and the cars Check Engine LIGHT comes on, then the rough idle begins!

my car is doing the same idle problem. but i noticed something wierd on mine. now tha’s it’s colder…my temp gauge when i’m driving goes ALL the way down to where it’s stating that it’s cold. then when i come to complete stop and sit there, it starts to go up. but it doesn’t over heat. it just goes to the middle. that’s when my car starts to go up and down.

today i found a used IAC at a shop by my house…i got it for 85$ installed it and it DIDNT fix the problem…it was used so it could be defective…im taking the car into the shop 2morrow morning to see what they have to say.