Bad idling

So 2 days ago i bought a new intake and i got to installing. 10 minutes after installing the damn thing when i open my hood my intake was off the thing and the whole driver side of my engine bay is cover with fucking oil. i found out that the hose that connects to my engine to my intake was crooked so theres no air going through it. (im guessing thats the reason why oil leaked out my engine)

So with that happening i dont wanna keep the oil sitting there, went to schucks bought some engine degreaser covered the distributor all electric stuff that i can see with plastic

so i used the degreaser let it sit for 30 minutes and power washed it.
everything was fine and seems back to normal. the next day i was driving back from school and i noticed that my car was idling bad when i stop. goes to 900 down to 100 and the car will shake! it does this everytime i stop/

whats wrong with it?>

did you check your spark plug holes for water? If some got in there that could cause a messed up idle.

ill go check that right now.

now my battery is done so i cant drive to school today!damn.

the fact that your battery is dead now may tell you something as well. Check to make sure your alternator is putting out the correct voltage. Should be somewhere near 14v when idling with a few accessories on…

how do i check the alternator?

I would go to your local parts store and let them hook it to their computer if its not to far.

k. hold on here. so are you saying it happens everytime you depress the brake pedal? like if you were sitting, you could make it happen by depressing the brake pedal?