Bad Oil Leak!

I have a bad oil leak, but not sure where its coming from. The oil is all over the block and has covered my starter. It seems to either come from the valve cover itself, though it doesn’t leak on the side where the timing belt is. Isn’t there also a gasker for the cams and a gasket near the distributor, it seems to really be coming from that corner of the head. Thanks. Peace.

i’ve heard it could be the cam seals…there are 2…obviously cause we have 2 cams…i heard the cam in the front (exhaust cam) i believe…the seal is easy to replace…however…i have not heard about the difficulty in replacing one near the distributor…

personally…i have a very very slow leak from the cam in front…like i said…believe its teh exhaust cam…my sister has a 91 g2…and her leak is a little more noticeable

im thinking about trying to get my hands on a STR cam seal…or maybe even just the 96+ GSR cam seal