Balljoint/tie rod boots

Im doing a full suspension job on the 3rd car now 1st was a ed6 civic hatch, then eg hatch, and an ek, but this car(93 gs) has torn boots all over the place, ive taken the boots off the balljoints and they all have a decent amount of grease in them, no play, so all is good w/ the joint itself, what im wondering is if the boot is an acura/honda part number and if i can order just the boots for the tie rod and upper and lower balljoints, i know that if they are really bad holes the grease will go and weaken the joints, this is not the case, they are just dry rotted and im doing the es full chassis kit so i want to hit all the bases when it goes back together, thanks for the help

I don’t think honda sells the boots by themselves, just the joints. Energy suspension sells the joint boots. Energy suspension makes replacement boots, they’re polyurethane. I’m not sure if they’re better than stock or not though. I have all of the ES boots that came w/ my hyperflex kit… I never installed the boots, if you want 'em I’ll sell them to you for cheap.

thanks but i just got the hyperflex kit and i know they come with the kit but the way they are installed is very confusing, i know the originals have a ring almost like a key ring and a ridge on the boot that the ring goes around to hold it on, the es poly bushings have no ridge so im assuming they are just supposed to sit on the surface of the spindle/upper control arm… but then it seems like the grease would just come squirting out when you put pressure on them, besides i found a website that lists the parts individually, its an acura dealer so i guess its a factory part, the website is i think they are out of georgia good site though to just get a ballpark idea of a oem part price at any time of the day too

yeah, thats a great site, mainly i just look at it for the diagrams and to get an idea of list prices… I haven’t ordered from them because I get my parts closer to home.

good luck w/ the hyperflex kit, I’m very happy with mine.