Basic system questions...

i havent gotten my teg yet, but when i do get it the first thing going into it is a nice system.
im getting kappa 62.5is in the front doors, and getting kappa 692.5is in the back seat… i have a pioneer DEHP-7600MP head unit that pumps out 50w x 4. I’m going to get 2 12’s prolly in an enclosure. I’m kind of confused about how to pump the right amount of watts everywhere. Should I get two amps… one for the subs, and one smaller one for my speakers? Or should i just get one big multi channel. the 2 6.5s are gonna have 75 Watts and the 6x9s 110 watts. Can i do 50 each from the head unit and then give it 25 from the other amp? my aim sn is itsmillatime15 if anyone wants to help me it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

well your deck doesn’t put out 50watts RMS, more like 20-30 i’ve heard. So an amp that puts outa true 50-70watts will be an excellent choice.

Basically you’re on the money, get a 4-channel for your speakers, and a 1 or 2 channel to power your sub. One sub can be extremely loud, so unless you have the money to buy a crazy big amp I’d just buy one good 12 and an amp pushin around 400-500watts rms.

wats goin on dog…pretty much what scooby dooby said. You didnt say whether you were on a budget or not so I would recommend this: get a decent four channel amp (personally, I would get a Kicker KX 600.4). Power your front speakers with the first 2 channels and bridge the second set of channels to power a sub. Imma a Kicker man myself so I would get a 12" comp VR in a ported box or an 8" L7 in a ported box. I noticed your in Pennsauken, NJ. Check out Auto Sound & Security on Rt. 130. Thats where I buy most of my 5hit from. They’re pretty cool. Make sure you ask for the owner Dave. His salesman Pete is a str8 dikc.