bat light flashing

my battery light in my dash just started flashing once and a while. got the battery checked they said it was fine. alt was checked its fine. anyone have this prob or know what it could be thanks :rockon:

Usually it would be one of those two things, unless you have a main fuse problem. What place did you get it checked at? I had mine tested at Auto Zone and they said OK, but it turned out that the (stator?) in the alternator was bad and was pumping out some crazy power levels, causing my battery to get too hot.

Maybe same? :shrug:

well i have a 150 amp alt and they said at idel it was putting out 35 amps then for some crazy rez it would drop to 10 amps for 15 sec then go back to normal.

sounds to me like the Alt. is shot,I would go and get a 2nd check done, [someplace else] :shrug: 94

Try doing a volt check on the battery with a multimeter. At idle, it may show something low like 8 volts. Then check at 3,000 rpms and 5,000rpms and see if it changes. A working alternator should stay about the same no matter what. If it’s not working, the volts will go up with the rpms.

Parts needed:
Friend to press the gas :wink:

my cap said 13 and at 1600 rmps its a like 14 volts

You’ll need to rev it up to at least 3,000rpms to see if there’s a prob. I even tried 5,000 when checking mine (volts shot way over 20!). It’s a crazy thing when the alternator acts up…

like everyone said, it might be the alternator, and also check your belts to make sure that they do have tension when the car is on.

where are you able to get an alternator that has 150amps? everywhere I’ve looked they can sell me a 65 amp alt. I’ve gone thru 3 of these things in less than a year which REALLY sucks. HELP ME OUT TOO!!! haha

if the bat light is flashing better get to the batcave before robin gets all antsy pantsy on your ass.

my battery light turns on somewhere around like 5800-6000rpms. i just ignore it and use it as a shift light, HAH