Battery Light off and On at 2g RPM

Well, I was traveling home from San Francisco when i ran over about 1-2 foot puddle, it was raining really hard, my car is lowered and as soon as i went through it my Battery light went on, now when i accelerate over 2,000 RPM’s my light turns off, but when i brake or go below 2g’s of Rpm’s than it turns back on indicating something wrong with the battery. What do you guys think? Alternator? and if it is the alternator where could i get a cheap one?

your alternator just went BYE BYE on you. I got one priced here in miami florida at an AUTO ZONE for 150 bucks. But i said screw it and i made a 00 SI alternator work on my DA.:burnout:

Thanx, i was trying to get everyone to be helpful and help before i made a guess that it was my alternator. But, thanks for givin me the tip…i got raped with the alternator for 183$ and core charge so it was 163 all together because i returned my old one…now my radio works again :slight_smile:

no prob man i’m always happy to help. Instead of telling every one to just search.