Battery light on, but goes off ~4k rpm

So the other day my battery light came on. Everything seemed to be fine, I knoticed no difference in power or any lights dimming, and the voltage was okay. I also knoticed that once my rev’s hit roughly 4000, the light goes off, and then on again once rev’s drop. The light also will ocasionally go off while idling, then come back on in a minute or two… Anyone have any suggestions on what is wrong or what/how to test


Okay so the last two times I started up my car, the ALB light has been on as well as the battery light, so consequently I have no anti-lock brake’s right now. What is going on here?

my ALB light is on too :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, is there any chance that you have a loose connection somehwere? Been tinkering with anything lately? is it excessivly wet where you live right now? Anything like that? Maybe when you reach 4000rpm the cars vibration is enough to shake the loose connection back into place for awhile?

Just guessing… :slight_smile:

Alternator probably, first time mine died it did that. Light came on at idle, but at higher RPM the alternator made enough power to turn the light out.

but would the alternator cause the ALB light to come on?

your getting unstable voltages from the alternator, as the guy above stated, your alternator sounds like it going to die soon. a lot of your light will come on because most of them wont be getting power to whatever system they are assigned to. Your SRS light may come on eventually also, then your radio might cut out…lights will dim…your car will also have a harder time starting.

not in that order, but all in time…be proactive =)

Did the 92-93 G2’s have SRS? I thought all the G2’s had no airbags, just curious.


I had this issue with my '90 LS.

The brushes in the alternator were getting gummied up. Either tear it apart and deal with the brushes or replace the whole thing.

I cleaned the brushes on mine which bought me about three months of no problems. When it started failing again, I just bought a new one. Wasn’t worth my time and effort to keep doing it.

I put in the new alternator and it lasted the rest of the life of the car.

yeah man it was the brushes. I just got some new one’s from Acura and now everything works again. Although I have noticed that when at idle my headlights dim ever so slightly :S