Battery light on, dimming lights but alt and battery check out...

I’ve been having problems for the past week or so with my battery light coming on randomly. My dash lights, exterior lights dim intermitently at times and then when my battery light comes on everything gets really bright, like it’s over charging. I had both the battery and alternator checked to which I discovered that both are fine. I had thought it was the voltage regulator but if the alternator checks out could it still be a problem? The lady that ran the test suggested a relay and the only one I could think of that might possibly be bad was the main relay which I had to replace with a used one just a few months ago. I went back to the old relay which seemed to help slightly but the lights still flicker and dim randomly. Does anybody have an idea of what it could possibly be? Should I just buy a new alternator and hope it works?

Have the alt. rechecked, have it done at a batt./alt. shop so they can do a proper load check, lights getting realy bright and dimming is an indication of a voltage regulator on it’s way west. 94

I take it a proper load check isn’t just free reving…correct?

“free reving”???

A proper batt./charging system check is done with a “machine” something like this… it will have a set of batt. “jumper” cables that connect to the batt. and a 3rd “clamp”, [green in link] that is clamped around the alt. charge lead, the operator will turn a large knob on the machine up to load the system down then release it, he will do that 2 or 3 times. 94

sorry for tread jackin u…lol…but my dads DA have the same problem but every time he revs the car thats wen the battery lights turn on and also the headlights get a bit brighter…but the most problem is that after 3 hours of just sitting there(parked) wen he go and try’s to start the car it wont start(battery dead)…this happen after washing the engine a he forgott to cover the altenator…any inputs please…

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Voltage regulator is shorting out, same suggestion, find a alt./batt. shop and have a propret load check done. 94