battery light ?

im new here and the help section is closed but my battery light is on i checked the batt and alt both came back good can anyone help me???

Possibly the ICU, [integrated control unit].

Do the intermittent wipers work?
Do the warning chimes work?
Do the front side markers work properly?
Does the rear window defog work?

A problem with any of the above is an indication that there is a problem with the ICU, the charging system light, [alt. light] is controled by the output from the alt, [white/blue] lead, the white/blue lead runs from alt. to under dash fuse box, where it parallels into the ICU and continues from fuse box to the cluster and the CSL.

De-pin the white/blue from the alt. and meter the output from the alt., [engine not running] it should test as a ground, start engine and test again, should test as voltage, [no ground], also if CSL is still on, try a replacement ICU.
If CSL goes out once white/blue is de-pined, replace the alt.

Another possibility is the white/blue lead is shorted to ground at some point, keeping the CSL on at all times when ign. switch is on.94

my wipers only work sometimes on intermitten
i work at autozone i tested my alt and battt both good could it be a ground???

It is possible that it is a grounding issue, however if the only thing that is wrong is the CSL stays on then it is unlikely a grounding issue, unless it is a short to ground of the white/blue lead.

You need to test the output of the white/blue lead, the alt. may work, [charging] but there still may be a problem with the output of the white/blue. 94

it may sound funny but one time my dad’s truck had the same problem. batterly light was on and the problem was a burnt out brake light… some how it was connected to each other. . not saying its the same problem… but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.


hmmm thanks um gunna test that wire hes talking about has anyone else had this battery light problem?

ive had it for over a month now