battery size

I don’t have room under the hood for a normal battery anymore and just picked up an Everlast Extreme Lawn and Garden from wal-mart. Has 350 or 375 cranking amps, I believe. Should this be enough to start the car?



OEM i believe is somthin like 600 er so…

and why dont you have any room for a normal battery?

why not jus put it in the trunk?

Anyone have a number I should be aiming for?

actually the higher the cca the better… would try n find at least a 600 though…

if you can, fork out the money for an optima or orbit unit.

I’ve got an MSD digital 6, blaster ss coil, and the actuator valve for an Apexi AVR-R mounted on the battery base plate, and the air filter for the turbo directly above all of that. There is really not much room under the hood for a battery. I’ve got the entire power steering and air conditioning systems out, so if I relocate the coolant overflow container and get rid of the windshield washer filler, there’s a little bit of space in the front drivers side corner. I could almost fit a stock sized battery there. I’d still like to get something smaller than stock in terms of size.

must be nice… your better off jus finding a optima style battery and relocate it… i might change mine from the trunk to the bumper soon though… jus sucks having it behind such a flimsy piece of material such as a bumper… :confused: