battery tie down for optima battery?

i have a pretty new optima battery in my da and it doesnt really fit or stay in place who makes a battery tie down for a battery that big in a da?

what kind of battery tie down does this guy have?

What are you talking about? That’s a stock piece…

not the radiator support thats circled. the polished aluminum battery tie down.

Like I said, it looks like the stock battery holder.

Yeah, Matty’s right, that’s a stock battery tie down. It’s black but the glare makes it look silverish.

There are a handful of generic Optima tie downs on ebay which are billet aluminum, but they’d still need customization to fit. (and personally I think all the ones on ebay are ugly) Other than that your option is to make your own or adapt a tie down for a different application. When I had my Optima I fabbed up a simple tie down from aluminum to hold it in the trunk.

My first integra didn’t come with a tie down so I made a one out of a piece of scrap aluminum angle iron I found, a piece of threaded rod cut to fit and a couple washers and nuts. It was ghetto but it passed tech and held my crappy walmart battery firmly in place and that’s all that really matters. Oh, I did try to anodize it using the RIT dye method. It came out a sickly green which really helped it aesthetically.

Although back then we didn’t have fancy Red Bull sponsored intakes, so you had to make shit yourself.

I have an Optima Red Top with the OEM tie down piece just like in the pic, too bad I don’t have a VTEC engine:sad:. The threads on the 2 long “J” bolts were corroded so I got new ones from a dealership for a few bucks. Now I am able to tighten the piece down tight enough to keep the battery in place. 3X on the one in the pic being the stock piece. Its either stripped of its coating or there is a glare from the camera flash.

autozone or pepboys has a universal braket for like 7-10 bucks