battery trouble

Ok guys this maybe in the wrong forum so correct me if it is. Ok here is the problem. I just recently changed my battery from the engine bay to the trunk. It seems like I did a nice nad clean job all together. But when I try to start my car it hesitates and cranks extremly slowly. It doesnt even crack sometimes at all. And when it finally does start it dies out. I dont really know what the problem might be, so please help me out guys, i hate it that my car doesnt start.


what guage wire did you run? did you run a power and a ground wire to the engine compartment? or did you just ground the battery to the chassis?

have you checked the voltage on the battery to be sure it hasn’t drained at all somehow?

I ran a 4 guage wire for the positive and a thinner one for the negative. but i didnt attach the negative to hte chassy or anything like that I just ran them straight to the original terminals in the engine bay.

so i take it that the wire size does matter.

what gauge did you run for the ground? remember, electricity in a DC system is like a river, it flows in one direction. Having one wire 4ga is useless unless the return path is of equal size.

also, remember that the resistance of a wire is dependant on:
-cross-sectional area: the bigger the diameter the less resistance
-length: the longer the more resistance

Thats why when you relocate the battery its best to run a really big gauge…cause its really long. A 4ga wire thats 1ft long will have less resistance than a 4ga wire thats 20ft long.

I’m not sure if that ground wire is your problem or not, but it could be. Also, make sure all the other grounds are hooked up properly. battery, to chassis, to tranny. chassis to head.