bay area DA vs.EF meet. caravan?

anyone down to meet up the the usual suspect spots to meet up before we roll out to livermore?.. Im down to meet up?

I’m already in the Livermore area, so ill just meet u guys there.

would you guys want to meet at union city and roll out in a big caravan?

I was going to talk about a meet up in Union city. There is a meet up caravan at the Stone Ridge mall so i think we will have to meet in Union city at 8am and take off at 8:30 am-9am to meet up with the guys up there. So, Lets get the lest going for the Union city roll out.

Norcal EF vs. DA Meet August.30,2009 ROLL OUT CARAVAN

Wingstop 8am
2488 Whipple Rd, Hayward, CA


i talked to jasper im meeting him at stoneridge mall at 10 an were leaven at 1030 for the event . so if any one want to meet in concord let me know cuz ill be leaven at like 930 (concord)

sounds good:rockon: We will see you there. Now to make it clear to every one. PLEASE no driving fast and stay with the pack. We will stay in 1 of the slow lanes so that no 1 will get lost. For the people that will be taking the rolling shot, put your flashers on so we know what you are doing. No showing off, lets keep this safe and show respect for the other drives out there besides us. See you all out there:rockon:

i cant drive fast not use to the car yet haha


For the people thats going to meet up with me in Union city please click on link>>

i might not be able to make it to the meet anymore, i have to help my parents move this weekend and might not be able to finish in time but…we’ll see

dam man ,i hope you make it tho

bust ur ass and finish man :rockon:
seriously though…hope u make it out

most likely if i do show up…it’s gonna be later, i dunno


maybe…seem like im just givin’ you people some false hope…hehehe