BC: Honda Integra XSi


Selling my 1990 Honda Integra XSi RHD
Had plans to fix it up and put it back into show room finish but just have to many projects on the go.
The car has bronze glass complete all around with no cracks in it that I can’t see. It starts up fine and drives good. Has a Innovative traction bar as well as a spoon ecu as well as a spoon Vtec controller.
It has 181,558 km on it.

At this time I am not breaking it down for parts
Scrapers please do not inquire about scrapping, I will store it instead if it comes down to it.



You need to post more pics in your ad.

sux u dont wanna part… i’d get that traction bar off u

I am working on more pics, the car is being stored a few hours away from me which makes it difficult to get to after work

Yea I don’t want to part it out but if it comes down to it I will keep you in mind

thanks man, hope you still have my phone number

Yes sir I do :dance:

I’ve gotten replies but if nothing happens in a couple weeks I’ll probably start parting it out.

Price reduced to $3000 OBO


Will be stripped of parts and crushed :argh:


Interior Pics

Hey man can you text me i have a few questions about the car 561 541 7122

^^^^ Text Sent

any news on this??

People make reasonable offers but never show up or come back lol
Time wasters :sipread:

How far are you from Seattle?

Is the price negotiable?

[QUOTE=Orlando_GSR;2328883]How far are you from Seattle?

Is the price negotiable?[/QUOTE]

Yes it is
Google maps says from Seattle to where the car is stored would be 2 hours and 9min (205km)

Email me at ck_integra83@hotmail.com