BC: Spoon Sports front calipers & rotors

Again I know this is tough but I am gonna try this again.

Wanting to trade my Spoon Sports calipers with front 2pc rotors and extra friction rings included for a full OEM lip kit.

   Please feel free to email me for pictures.

Somewhat tempting!

Good luck though sir.

[QUOTE=unified112;2318833]Somewhat tempting!

Good luck though sir.[/QUOTE]

Thank you sir and what if I were to throw in a OEM hood bra?

how much will you sell it

I am not sure if I am willing to sell it just yet but if I do it would be $2,250 for the complete kit along with the extra friction rings

I also have type r rear calipers that I hhaven’t removed from my car yet. I am gonna be selling them soon if someone is interested in them.

BuMP for Mr. Rsi

Thank you sir!!!

Here is the Craigslist link


SOLD !!!

Found OEM Sides