Bearing Clearance,Questionable.....

The rod bearing clearance on a b16a im building seem to be a tad on the tight side.(new bearings)

Plastigauge(green) measurements were .025mm on all 4 journals(tourqued to 30.5ft. lbs. /Craftsman wrench)instead of between.032mm-.050mm. -007 from standard.

no real rod binding when i wiggle the rod.motor seems to revolve without alot of effot.(new rings,good crosshatch)

plans for an 8500revlimit

Would I be alright?


If you were building a B18A, those would be perfect clearances. The vtec engines require alittle more clearance.

Are you using aftermarket rods or rod bolts that require 30.5 lb/ft of torque on them? The stock spec for rod bolt torque is only 23 lb/ft for the B18A and the B17A. I am not sure about the B16A. Could this account for the clearances being too tight?

If 30.5 lb/ft is required for whatever rod/rod bolt setup you are using, then your only other option is to switch to a thinner bearing. I wouldn’t hone the rods to add clearance.

brand new stock pr3 rods.

im not sure if its safe to tourque less than 30ft.lbs

i had to TQ my arps to 40 ft lbs that what arp called for the clearnaces are a little tight but in the specs so im not worried about it. im running the acl bearings.

What was your bearing clearances and how long have you been runnning the motor( running conditions).Is yours B16 w/ arp rod bolts and acl rod bearings?

mine were about .0025 i beleave, im going off the top of my head, my b16a with arp is just built sitting here, my ls i rebuilt a few years ago has 100,000 miles on it and it was built the same way. i should be runing my b16a shortly, im waiting to go pick up my b16a tranny at on tuesday, there like 10 miles from me.