bearings out?

hey guys. lately i tried to install MSD SCI and i think i ****ed up the distributor… the bearings sound like it was out… it sounded like marbles… so i got a used distributor and tried it on that one too and still the same sound… it feels better but there are still bearing sounds … or more like ticking… i doubt its’ the valves… i heard people saying injectors make sounds but i think the sound is coming from from the distributor and the engine head…

also my engine is still leaking!!!

damn oil pan just keeps dripping like a **********
anyone knwo where i can get a perfroamnce oil pan (the nut is stripped) or have a used one for a 90-91 Tegra non-V??

i can’t wait to put the mobil 1 filter and 5w-30 however i don’t want it to be dripping all over the place!