beater speakers?

alright, i need some interiors i can beat on. i need good components and some regular speakers? i heard the fosgate components are real good, but the MTX interiors are real good if you like listening too music real loud? btw, i have 2 10’ rockford subs in the back. they knock hard, but i need interiors. any idears???

What kind of price range are you looking at? Do you want fromt components and rear coaxials, or all coaxials,or what? Are you concerned with sound quality, or do you just want something that can not distort at high volume?

hey strikeback i wanna get some speakers too…
i just want cripst sounds nice and clear…
i been looking for some but cant figuar out what is ok to use or not
btw whats different from 3 way and 2 way?

2-way has 2 different speakers, 3-way has 3. In a coaxial speaker, this will be the woofer, and one tweeter for a 2-way, usually a tweeter and a supertweeter for 3-way. With component speakers, 2-way will have the seperate woofers and tweeters, while 3-ways will add a midrange driver, somewhere around a 4" or so. I have Quantum 2-way component front speakers, and CDT rear 2-way coaxials, and I really like the sound. The CDT components are really nice also, I was gonna get them but the shop I was gonna get them from couldn’t get them in time for me. I also found that with the tweeters mounted near the top of my doors it helped a lot with the sound being muffled by people’s legs and stuff. If you want something cheaper than components, there are some pretty clean sounding coaxials out there too. I had JBL GT coaxials in my old car and liked thise a lot too. I have heard good things about the Kenwood and Pioneer coaxials also.

will it work if i get 4 , 2 way speakers?i think there coxial

4 2-way coaxial speakers will definitely sound much better than the factory speakers. What will you be using to power these speakers? A factory head unit, an aftermarket one, or a seperate amp? These pioneer speakers have a pretty low RMS power rating, so they should be fine powered by a head unit, but probably not with an amp. Another feature that is nice to look for is a rubber surround - it will last longer than foam or cloth, and provide better sound. These speakers might be a better choice for not much more money:

The other concern is mounting depth in the door spots. The available depth is about 2 inches, possibly a little less. The Pioneer speakers should have no problem with this, the Infinity’s and other deeper speakers might have problems. I think some other members on the boards here might have used these - search for 652i, or any other speaker you might like, and see what people are saying about them - you can ask people who have used the speakers about their experiences. Members Steven Kephart and Adamm are very knowledgable with car audio stuff.

iam trying the cheapest way possible but i want a cripst sound…
the headunit probly a aftermarket one

how bout those/
i dont need a great system just a good one to play cripst sound at a great price

I don’t have any experience with the Blaubunkt speakers, so I don’t know how they sound. I would probably take the Pioneers over the Blaupunkts, since they have very similar specs, and you know the Pioneers will fit without a problem.

hey i found these pioneers

26 for a pair Looks great!!!
u thhink there fine?

ppl said it great to replace the back 2 speakers with these but how about all 4 to these?

will this deck work/
panasonic cq-dp103u

The Pioneers are the same ones you had found at Crutchfield for 49.99, so this looks like a better deal. Cruthfield is nice for excellent service, cheap shipping, and good warranty work, but their prices are usually higher than other places. People probably said they are a good rear speaker because you typically don’t need as good of rear speakers as fronts. I would think they would be fine for a basic system. The head unit should also work well. I have a Panasonic in my car and it is pretty decent. The Kenwood or Pioneer base models with variable EQs allow for better sound adjustment, but they are a little more expensive.