Been a while since I have posted pics. Hope you Enjoi. ;)

Playing around with photography as a new hobby. These pics have been posted on Honda-Tech as well as several other threads and forums. This is simply a collection of the newest.

Hope you liked seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. :slight_smile:

amazing pictures… and amazing da… nice to see a fellow photographer on the board :slight_smile:

A set of JDM One piece would fit so well with your wheel!

Are those things rare? (Wheels)

I have missed you lol. I love this car.

WOW!!! how did u do those light effects?? please do tell:cloud9:

other than the green cluster lights your DA is sex

wow really like the whole cage and parts of rear interior going on can u post more pics of the rear interior with the cage hmmmm this gives me ideas :sipread:

i luv man. its so clean and i actualy like it better with the oem head lights. gl with it…:rockon:

he doesn’t have oem headlights. they are ebay one pieces with housings to mimic the jdm ITR. i have them too and they look killer in person.

On of the cleanest DA’s I have seen. Still making the same power?

so i take it no one rides in the back? lol. where is that bridge? I though i saw some DA pics there before only mabye in the daytime?

I love everything about this integra. And about the rims being rare, all i know is enjoi is a skateboarding company. Don’t think they every produced any wheels other than skateboard ones haha


Hope you liked seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)[/QUOTE]

That picture was my desktop for dam near for ever. too this day, I still love it.

Hi all. Thank you for the compliments. I’ll have to dig for more pics of the cage. I think I have some when it was first installed. The lighting effects are done by leaving the camera shutter open for about 1/2 a minute and walking around with either a flashlight, iPhone, penlight, etc. The image catches all of the light motion but any quick non-illuminated motion does not show (that’s why you don’t see me waving the light). I do have crappy eBay headlights but they seem to work well for the overall look of the car. The wheels are simply the Maxxim Air’s in white with vinyl enjoi pandas that were cut for me by a friend. I am currently making the same ~ 330WHP, however the engine is being rebuilt with a new valvetrain and Manley/CP combo. I’ll be shooting for the mid 400’s and consistent 11 second passes with the ability to drive the car home. My gauge cluster needed some help. I had multiple bulb failures in the back and fore lighting making it very difficult to see. I have since replaced the bulbs with LEDs hence why everything is green. The location of the bridge shots is taken right off of Columbus Blvd. in Philadelphia. It is the Ben Franklin bridge. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Here is all I could find with the cage. I’ll try to take more with the back half in a finished state.

that is looking prime… very clean DA man :rockon:

the color is awesome

i always liked your black SiR rims with the volcom vinyls (that was you right? :P)

That indeed was me. Needed a change. Enjoi is deff on the cutting edge of the skateboarding and clothing scene. I almost put the picture of the pandas mounting on the wheels. I have it on one of my shirts. :stuck_out_tongue:

where amd which decals did you use? i can only find these the enjoi part is under neath not going upward like yours… btw those look sick i want to do that to my white slips haha…