Before Hitting Up The Drag Strip (Question about car)

I got a 90 LS with a swapped '00 LS head, B16 transmission, 9lbs. flywheel, stage 2 clutch and minor weight reduction. Do you think this will be enough to beat a stock gsr 3rd gen Integra? My friend thinks he is gonna take me off the line, but my car responds amazingly well to the new modifications and feels faster.

1990 LS Coupe: 2590lbs
130hp/121tq (90-91 model)
140hp/127tq (92-93 model)

Quarter Mile: ~16.5s

1994 GS-R Coupe: 2667lbs

Quarter Mile: ~15.3s

The question is, do you gain enough performance from the newer head/cam combo and trans to pull a FULL second (and then some) off of what a stock DA should hit?

Have you ever been to the track before?

Has your friend?

What mods does the GS-R have?

What tires are you running?

So, so SO many things are going to go into this equation which make ‘bench racing’ virtually pointless. The only way to know is to make it happen.

With equal drivers, the GS-R should win.

The peak power of an LS motor comes a lot earlier in the powerband, so revving all the way to redline is actually hurting performance because it is running out of power to give… whereas the Vtec motor is going to thrive in high revs, and when shifting, will still be in that peak-powerband.

Drop your tire pressure. If u got coil overs make front lower. Get as much tire on ground no neg camber. Make that b16 tranny stick to the ground. Otherwise goodluck its going to be tough to beat.

He is stock. I have been on the Tarmac before and have experience. He has not. We will both be running street tires.

From my understanding of the LS powerband, that early power you mentioned only happens in that early band area because of the gearing on the LS transmissions. with a JDM B16 cable tranny with a 9lbs. flywheel I have noticed a considerable increase across all ranges of my rpm meter.

But you are right. Gotta hit the track and find out for myself.

It will definitely be more responsive with the changed gearing and flywheel… But that’s not why the LS performs like it does, the majority of it is cam-profile and overall design. Same reason the LS uses SOHC rod bolts etc etc… it’s an economy motor versus a vtec motor which is the ‘best of both worlds’ situation.

While your transmission will make the most out of your available torque… the GS-R has more, and a short-transmission as well.

It will be close for sure. Keep us informed!

Skip drag racing all together. What’s the point in racing for 15-16 seconds in cars like this? Hit the road course or do some autox.

I used to drag race but found autocross and track days to be more fun and involving, but you can still have fun at all venues. I took my teg to the strip not too long ago and had a good time racing my buddies! But definitely check out an autocross sometime!