Belt sqealing

On startup lately, my 92 has been sqealing. I did search and came to the conclusion that it is probably the alternator belt. Typically it happens on start up but sometimes when i’ve been idling, like at the track. How do I adjust it? Any pics? Could it be another belt?

Just Take Some Soap And rub it on the outside of the belt (while its off). You Could adjust it but belts squeal because they are miss aligned. Just check the tension to make sure its not loose or too tight.

Umm make sure it’s bar soap too. Like Ivory or Lava. Don’t squirt liquid Dawn or pump hand soap on it!!! If you want a good smelling engine you can try Coast or Irish Spring. I prefer Irish spring myself. I keep a bar of soap in all my cars for just this purpose.

If you are really ballsy and I wouldn’t suggest this unless you had a steady hand you can do it while the engine is running. I do it to mine in order to get an even coat around the belt…but be careful!

Which belt most commonly sqeals when a car is started? I’m kinda thinkin its the alternator belt. So put bar soap on the top of the belt? Also, how do I tighten the belts?