Benen Industries

Hey guys, anyone heard/dealt with Benen Industries products? They manufacture parts for the G2 Integs. :gun2:

Benen Industries is based out here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe that they are making products mostly for the Eg’s & Ek’s. But what I heard is that they will be making more stuff later on so you might wanna just keep checkin like me. When I had my Ef 8 the only thing I got to buy from Benen were the tow hooks.

i’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them and their quality in building/fabricating. they’re supposedly working on da stuff, but so far, nothing. :frowning: can’t wait for their cf hood for our cars… :drool:

their braces are really sexy…:wink:

They make some really nice looking stuff… I’ve been wondering about their products myself. They mention the DA on their site but don’t actually say what they make for it…