bent knuckle

How do I fix a bent front knuckle?? I need help fixing my camber! Can anyone help me asap?

Are you sure the knuckle is bent? That’s a pretty stout part and I’d usually assume something else would give before it would. But if the problem is with the knuckle, don’t fix it, replace it. Trying to bend it back into it’s original position would not be easy without some sort of jig to show you the angle it needs to be. Just go pick one up from a junkyard or even buy one from the dealer. I recently bought one at a junkyard and it was under $40. Although if you do that it’d be smart to replace the wheel bearing at the same time, or at least try to find a donor that had relatively low mileage and definitely check the bearing as best you can before buying it.

Yeah I know its the knuckle because I compared the space between the knuckle and the shock body was much less than the space between the passenger side

That space being different could also mean there’s a problem with the upper control arm or how it mounts to the car, it doesn’t 100% mean the knuckle is bent.