Bent Rod, need assistance please.

I had the timing advanced on my B181A to 18 b4 TDC. It overheated and my car broke down. The motor ran fine before, and now it won’t even start. I retarded the timing only a bit to bring it down some. 750 RPM warmed up. I hear a terrible tap when I pass 2000 RPM. And a shudder when it starts… I’m thinking the tappin is from a bent rod. Does 2 degrees really make THAT BIG of a difference?! I’m not too sure of what I should do now. If I rebuild the motor, I’m gonna need assistance. Screw taking it to anyone! Anyhow, I got a blog on this and was hoping for help in throwing together a list of components I need to buy in order to accomplish this. You can either reply in my blog or here… pics and more details about my car on that profile as well.
Any help would be GREAT!

it sounds to me like your timing belt broke or it skiped a tooth. You need to get a timing light and see where the timing is realy at.

timing light wont tell u much if it indeed skip a tooth on a cam gear…
Ull just find it impossible to get the timing right…
I say if u think u skipped a tooth (not abnormal seen it happen to olderhondas w/bad distributor bushings) take off vavle cover ans check that all timing marks are alligned. if soo than time… and a tapping b4 its warm could be piston slap… Bad news very uncommon for hondas when compared to some earlier GM’s…

You’re talking about the timin marks on the cam pulleys, right? And by Piston Slap, you mean valve damage that “slaps” the piston? What I’m going to do is pull the valve cover… If the timing marks are appropriate, I’m going to check the valve clearances to see if there’s been any change. If I don’t see a noticable change, I’ll snatch the head and inspect for further possible damage. What’s typical piston wear vs. damaging wear? Remember guys, I’ve never rebuilt a motor. Biggest thing I did myself on this car was change the transmission out. It only had the typical Honda smoke when it ran before. From the repair shop to the house, it smoked period. The smoke is blue/white? What does that signal, considering I just had it timed… I also got a 43 trouble code right before she konked out on me the first time! Has something to do with fuel, but not quite sure of the details. Another question, if it did jump time, could that cause irrepairable damage?

Here’s my girl:

Thats funny having that little filter on the air intake arm instead of just plugging the port. How many ports does that intake arm have? The port you have that breather on is the one I used for the valve cover port. You can also get rid of the stock metal lines and use new rubber hose for a cleaner install.

Remember to not only check the cam gears in relation to each other, but look down at the crank pulley and line the white line on the crank pulley up with the lower cover pointer. Does sound like you jumped time. Your valve cover looks nice btw.

I emailed some info that may help you with this.

Thanks so far to everyone… I just did the valve cover too! I had just finished it the day this happened! I have a Spoon Racing Billet cap coming. It sucks… I’ll know soon enough if it has jumped time.