Berryman B-12 Chemtool

hey just wondering if anyone has used thuis stuff? Berryman B-12 Chemtool fuel/crankcase additive?
i picked up some of it today at Kregan.
thanks,d :smiley:

the title caught my eye.
Indeed, this is the best off the shelf fuel additive yuo can buy IMHO.
Pour it directly into the gas tank, but not the whole can for the G2.
Fill the tank to the rim and then add 3/4 of the can. If you drive the average miles per year (~15,000), use it no more than every other month.
Use the rest of what is in the can to clean your tools or something, or perhaps that nasty oil stain in the corner of the garage…

I have been using this stuff for almost 20 years in US V8s as well as several high performance Japanese engines. My old man introduced it to me long ago. It works great. Regular use will, and I have proven it, reduce carbon deposits in the intake, valves, and pistons as well as stabilizing idle and reducing pre-ignition. Too much of the stuff, I have also proven over the years, will cause pre-ignition. A big no-no is to dump it into a gas tank that is nearly empty.

hope this helps someone.

yeah, the guy at “Kregan” said that it will make your car run like crap while its still in the tank, but after its out your car runs better. True? :shrug:

If your motor is dirty and running poorly, then certainly this stuff will shock the system while it cleans, so inherently you will notice poor operation for say about 50 miles.

The 16oz pour can B-12 Chemtool carb cleaner that I am talking about here also reduces emissions, so dumping it in 5 miles before you get it tested will help a lot in getting a motor passed, especially in CA. It also boosts the octane rating of the fuel so during regular use, you will notice huge improvements in power for that application as well as the next 2-3 tanks of fuel. I also have always used premium fuel in Japanese motors; so the combination of the two seems to work well. It’s all about consistent usage; you cannot use it once per year and expect dramatic improvements overnight.

I should have noted what it is I am talking about since there are so many copycats out there. I can only vouch for this product.

yep thats the one^. i put it in today while at the gas station before i filled up, i used about 3/4 of the can like you said. i think i noticed a difference already, my idle is really stabble, which is pretty awsome.

i give this product :up: so far.