BEST choice for Intake and Exhaust.

So basically, I’m planning on doing a 98+ spec swap on my 92 DA but I’m not quite sure whats best, what will fit, etc…

Setting prices aside, all suggestions are noted.
keep in mind that I’m only brainstorming for when I get the swap in a couple weeks.


98+ spec what? B18B?

oh yeah sorry,

98+ spec B18C5

For the b18c,

as for brand name, i dont believe in it really, so that’s why I choose custom.

3" diameter piping on the intake recommended.

Custom 3" CAI intake, i bought 2 short ram DA pipes 3" diameter, cut one, and ran it as an extension into the bumper. cost less than $100 total

2.5" diameter piping or bigger = recommended

Custom 2.5" exhaust, I purchased a magnaflow 2.5" muffler off ebay, and went to the muffler shop and told them to make it fit with 2.5" piping. Cost $300 total

my car: 228hp through the muffler, 13.6 1/4 full interior.


Get the largest, longest intake possible.

As for an exhaust, 2.5" inner diameter should be the smallest pipe you should ever consider, if performance is in mind. If you want something to sound good and not to loud, 2.25" would suffice.

I’d personally go with a thermal 3" setup.