Best Christmas Ever For My G2!!!!

This christmas was the best ever I was given a Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel for free & I traded my boy my stock US headlights with HIDs for a MINT pair of JDM one pieces off of a car he was trading. I didn’t believe they were real thought they were knock-offs until we got them off & underneath was writing: Password JDM. WOW!!!

post pics

I don’t know how to. I haven’t been on here lately everything is different

Que…mint pair of JDM 1pcs and has password JDM logo on bottom of em…hmmm never knew password made 1pcs…pics x2…

They don’t, unless they marked them with there name, or??? Pics or it didn’t happen…

X2 pics or it didn’t happen…on a side note don’t all real jdm one pieces have STANLEY marked on the lens by the fog lights?

Password gay dm probably marked them like every other thing they mark but don’t make.

Yes they are signed by password not stamped. I never said they were stamped & I don’t know how to post pics but hey if you want to email or txt me & post pics for me I would be greatful. or txt 215-771-3221