best coolant for our cars?

i was thinking about using zexcool… it doesnt look green it looks like a redish color. anyways what is the best coolant for out cars?

I think coolant is coolant. As long as all the specifications are right.

yep. youre not even supposed to use a lot. less than 50%, cuz its actually a poorer conductor of heat than water. it just helps fight corrosion and freezing =D

I agree with the others, just make sure you get a non-silicate antifreeze.

the “redish” coolant you refer to is better than the “green” stuff… if you want to change over… your going to have ALL of the green stuff drained from everywhere in your engine,radiator, lines etc… should be mixed 50/50 MIN. & 70/30 MAX. the red stuff jus lasts longer and prevents corrosion n ishh better. concidering coolant is like around 5 bucks a gallon and 1 gal. makes 2 when mixed… your supposed to change it every 30,000 but at 5 bucks a pop i do it my self every 15,000… if you dont NEED the difference dont bother changing it to the red … imo …