best drop?

hey im looking to drop my 92 Integra LS. i dont want it too much so i was think 1 inch drop, and i was thinking going Eibach, or Tokico. also i was thinking i would need new suspension also, which is the best that you rec. that will be efficient for racing yet great on handling and used nicely for daily driver. im currently looking at different brands of springs by doing a web search but just wouldnt mind hearing everyones 2cents. thanks

Eibach Pro Kit’s = goodness

If you want something not too agressive, you could go with H&R OE Sports. They give about 0.75-1.0 inch drop, and you can still use stock struts. Not to mention you can find them for under $150 easily.

yeah, my pro kits are on stock struts too. It reduced the wheel gave from 5 fingers to 3, so it’s still driveable too :slight_smile: