best engine swap and is it possible?

I’m not a pro on engine swaps and I was wonderring what the best thing I could do for my 90 integra LS. could I drop a Prelude engine in it or i DUNNO! whats cheapest and best and how hard will it really be. or should I just have my factory one rebuilt and drop a turbo in er? thanks for the help guys

It’s very possible to put an h-series engine into a g2. Member fastflip has one and I think he’s had it in his car for several years. Many will argue it hurts handling because this engine is considerably heavier than a b-series engine, but then again people that have done this swap say it’s not a big deal. Not to mention with a H22A you get just as much hp and more torque than a b18c5 for about half the price. It’s something to look into.

The H22A Prelude motor can fit in there, but you’ll need custom welded mounts to make it fit… lots of preparation work to make it fit properly so that the angle of the axles are good, not to mention other things. Throwing a H22A into a 92+ Civic is easier because there are mount kits out there for them, making it pretty straight forward. No company (yet) has a bolt-in H22 kit for an EF or DA chassis.

Personally, I’m gonna throw my (old) JDM B20 motor into my 91 teg and turbo that (same setup had in my hatchback before I threw the H22 in). B20 alone will still make your car go fast.