Best oil filter

What oil filter would u reccomend for our G2s?

I se fram oil filters. Work good IMO. cost only about 5 bucks too. Or you can get the double gaurd ones for like 9 or 10

I use bosch almost all the time.

I use FRAM double guard.

OEM works well…

Cut open a FRAM and you will never use it again.

OEM is good, I personally use Amsoil.

I’ve heard bad things about Fram. I just started using Purolator PureOne, but I don’t change it at every oil change. I skip, therefore instead of changing it every 3000-5000km, I change it about 7000-10000km depending on driving conditions.



Go with Honda or Purolator. There are other good ones out there but those 2 are among the best.

check out there’s a huge article in there about oil filters. Some guys did a test and compared all these different oil filters, all I can say… I’m never using a honda filter again…

Cut open a FRAM and you will never use it again.

HAHAHAHAH!!! you did that too??

as far as the article goes, I always wondered why Honda filters (in the U.S.) were so cheap, compared to other premium brands… now I know why… what a rip-off !

I say do your own analysis. My teg gets good mpg (300-360 miles per tank), runs smooth, burns less than a quart every 3000, and no internal problems what so ever with 150,000 miles. I’ve always used Purolator or Honda filters. And change it every 3000-4000 miles.

Heres a link to a site where some Prelude owners tested out some oil filters. HTH, lates…

if yor changing your filter and Oil every 3000 or less you can use just about any filter and be fine…

I use Wix oil filters. I dont feel comfortable using a Fram that double filters on an engine with a high redline. Wix is used in Nascar and they run high rpm for hours. Good enough for me.

No more fram for me! But then again, I’ve never had any problems and I change my oil/oil filter exactly at 3K.