Best Radiator Cap?

I have seen several people have these and I have seen them for sale pretty cheap. I guess the advantages of having one would be to decrease the boiling point. What are the disadvatages of it for having higher pressure? Also which one do you think would be the best to get? Mugen??? Does it matter if i get the one with the highest pressure?

A radiator cap does nothing more than keeping fluid in the radiator, and not in your engine bay. It’s a total waste to buy a Mugen (or any other aftermarket) radiator cap. It’s about as performance oriented as adding a cupholder to your car.

damnit, i was too ignorant and bought one already from local store. 33 bucks . should b ehere in a day or two.


=( don’t laugh at me… sobs…

ne ways i did check out our stock cap and the pressure is only like 0.9 that’s around 8-9psi and the new one gi got suppose to be like 18 psi so… i’ll le tyou guys know if thses things do anything.

SPOON is always a good choice:cool: