best way to build with $3700

I’m building my da and I have 3700 to spend. I have a parts list already but I’m indecisive on how to buy the parts. I have a deadline to get my car done by and that’s may 16th. Getiing it done isn’t a problem but getting the parts on time is. I got quotes from local shops and its almost retail for everything. has almost everything and low low prices but I’m concered about how long the parts will take to arrive. And I’ve heard from people that they had problems with them by getting the wrong parts in the mail. Any other suggestions on how to get it done fast and cheap? Any help would be appreciated.

telling us what you mean by “build” would help, could me a 1000 different things

are you going N/A or boost? 2 weeks for deadline without the parts ordered… thats kindof pushing,
getting it ready for north vs south?

[QUOTE=924dr;2145152]are you going N/A or boost? 2 weeks for deadline without the parts ordered… thats kindof pushing,
getting it ready for north vs south?[/QUOTE]

north vs south?

N/A set-up

as of now i have:

fully built b18a1 block
stock gsr head
b16 s1 cable tranny
act 12lb flywheel
chipped ecu w/jumper harness
§§§§§ jumper harness

i still need

intake manifold (victor-x 68mm)
throttle body (blox port matched)
intake (aem)
headers (hytech replicas)
mounts (innovative 60a)
clutch (stage 3 competition clutch)
fuel rail (bdl industries)
oil catch can (cusco)
cam seals (?)
fuel pump (walbro 255)
radiator hoses (samco)

(oem parts):

§§§§§ (obd1)
sparkplugs (ngk)
alternator belt
spark plug wires (ngk)
valve cover gasket
intake manifold gasket
throttle body gasket
exhaust manifold gasket
brake booster/master cylinder
brake lines (FL FR RL RR)
all fluids

(if i have money left over):

fuel system w/ fuel pressure regulator (trick flow)
2.5in piping

i was going to get most of the aftermarket parts of and get all the belts and gaskets from kragen or ac deco. Im just trying to see how i can get the parts efficiently and cheapest as possible. I really want to drive to eibach this year.

what do u mean by fully built block?.. high compression because your all motor right?.. ls/vtec?.. hmm… i dont know about that… not a big fan… i know they can be reliable IF built right… but i have never seen one last for more than 1 year… and i work at a shop 2 days a week… (well i volunteer! lol best way to learn for free =) )

honestly for a motor you dont need half of the stuff u mentioned … just to let you know u dont need anything with fuel (fuel pump or rail ) im pretty sure a stock pump 250 hp and the rail 400 hp … and radiator hoses? cams seal? for wat … if your doing all motor get some upgraded cams and a nice exhaust system … my buddy has a b16 with type r cams in has ef made 168 hp with good torque he has mounts , skunk2 manifold , full exhasut , clutch and tractions bars and hes a constant mid 13 on the quarter