Best way to install rear main seal?

Is there a driver for this seal? I’ve heard to use the old one as a driver or thumbs. Just making sure as i installed a new one before and leaked shortly after, so im trying to save me the trouble taking the whole motor out again. Also should i use some rtv around the outside? Thanks.

referring to this.

Definitely no RTV. We just used the old seal and a 2x4 to coerce the new seal in. Just gotta make sure it’s in there nice and evenly

I wish I knew about using the old seal to drive the new one in.

hey frozen from your old thread was it your rear main oil seal then? Also thanks for the vid, it looks the same for me. Its just a PITA since i just put a new rear main seal in and the motor not too long ago. Now i have to re-do everything just makes me want to sell the DB2 :frowning: These DA/DB2’s i tell ya…


use a 2x4 and hammer it in ever so gently and evenly.