Best way to replace lower pcv valve hose

Well guys I have fallen victim to the infamous broken lower pcv valve hose problem. What did yall find to be the easiest and most efficient way to get that hose replaced? I tried it from under the car but there just isnt any room at all to get a good hand on it. I was going at this for a few hours with no success. Please share any tips you may have to get this done guys. Thanks! :clap:

i had the same problem only i couldnt find a replacement for it so i went to autozone and bought a z shaped vaccuum hose and bought a barbed fitting for one end and put the pcv valve in the other and since it was flexible i was able to bend it into place but the barbed fitting only sits into the hole on the breather box…it works and my idle is pretty ok but this is on there until i can find a new hose

thx clemson, but what im really looking for is how you guys were able to replace it. Cuz from under the car it seems nearly impossible. Would having the car on a lift make it easier to replace? Lemme know how you all exactly were able to get to that spot in order to replace it thx! :rockon:

i did all the work from the top…if you take off the intake hose it makes it easier to get to and i just worked around the underside of the intake manifold