Best WEBSITE for Ordering

I need a good website to order KYB G2 Struts for my 93 teg rs Front and rear sets please… Thanks guys… And also coils or coilovers… which ever is best for stock 14’s////

Bryan S.

I’d go to for the front KYB shocks think they are 39.99 each and then get the back KYB’s for the 94+ integra cause they’re like $30 instead of the 90-93 integra’s which are $50 and they will fit i believe. Go to ebay for your coilovers…hope this isn’t too late.

hey whats up
i ordered a set of 4 GR2s from this guy on ebay who had ten sets for sale. i paid $200 shipped for the set. i have neuspeed sport springs on them and they ride really good. maybe that guy still has some for sale…

Go on Ebay and look up the seller performance_parts_store. I got my GR-2’s from them for $150 plus $19 shipping so it was $169 for all 4. Check them out. It’s a pretty good deal.